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What are the risks to my pension?

Could I lose my pension as a result of a bad investment year? What do I pay for security? What exactly is a defined benefit pension scheme? Our survey of last year revealed that many of our participants have a number of misunderstandings and questions about our pension products. In this column, we will attempt to address one of them each month.

To save or to invest? Ultimately, security is costly

To build up capital, pension funds can either save or invest. By saving, pension funds opt for security. While investment brings greater risks, it can also mean higher yields for your pension.

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Which rules does our pension fund adhere to for its investments?

Our pension fund pursues a solid investment policy. That means that the fund tailors the investment policy to the obligations of the fund, namely its ability to pay out all pensions.

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How does my pension fund invest?

Our fund strives to ensure the health of your pension in the long term by investing pension contributions in the most effective and careful way.  

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